CEO IDN Media, Winston Utomo: Digital Acceleration is a Must

Winston Utomo, the Founder and CEO of IDN Media

COVID-19 affects almost all parts of the world, forcing humans to adapt and survive. Indonesia, for example, is now applying the Large-Scale Physical Restrictions policy (Pembatasan Sosial Berskala Besar). It’s done to minimize human interaction and push down the spread of Coronavirus.

The shift in human behavior becomes inevitable, where face-to-face interaction is replaced by online interaction that increases significantly. Winston Utomo, the Founder & CEO of IDN Media, shared his perspectives about the shift in human behavior.

With the increase in online activity during this pandemic, digital acceleration has also become an undeniable phenomenon and will affect the economy.

1. COVID-19 brings fundamental changes in human life

Coronavirus Illustration:

The pandemic brings fundamental changes in many aspects of human life. Regularly washing hands and strictly maintaining the cleanliness of the environment are now becoming a standard behavior to prevent the infection of Coronavirus.

COVID-19 also affects our psychological condition. The enormity of living in isolation, changes in our daily lives, job loss, and financial hardship affect the mental health and well-being of many. All these insecurities bring them to anxiety, depression, self-harm, and even suicide.

“Now we are accustomed to greeting people without any physical contact, working from home, and strictly maintaining cleanliness. Those behaviors are done to reduce the risk of getting infected by COVID-19 and all will likely continue even after the pandemic period is over,” Winston explained.

2. The emergence of digital acceleration during the pandemic

Winston Utomo, the Founder and CEO of IDN Media

From a macro perspective, the global economy is experiencing turbulence because of this pandemic. It’s from a major disruption in cash flow to the changes in business operations. Meanwhile, we can see that online activities are now increasing. Winston sees that these factors will trigger a new phenomenon in society: a rapid acceleration in digital growth.

Digital growth will surely bring out even greater changes to people’s lifestyles. “Shopping, ordering food, consuming content, or doctor consultation using online platforms were previously done only under certain circumstances, but now those have become a normal routine or the so-called ‘The New Normal’,” he admitted.

3. Finding opportunities from the digital acceleration

Digital Illustration:

Being adaptive to this new condition is the right key to survival during and after the pandemic. “The pandemic has finally changed our old habits in working as well as doing business. As long as we are able to adapt to those digital developments, our business processes can be more effective and efficient. Let’s take an example from IDN Media Business Development team, who now spends less time discussing with clients because meetings are now conducted online. They don’t have to be trapped in Jakarta traffic jams anymore, yet are still able to achieve their target,” Winston said.

The first thing to do is to make sure the online presence of the business so that it can be easily reached by many people. Second, find strategies to maintain the company’s revenue stream through diversification.

“In addition to having a strong online presence, a business needs to become an omnichannel so that the revenue streams can survive. If we do it that way, when an issue attacks one source of revenue, we still have a backup from other sources of revenue.”

4. The three applied strategies during this pandemic

Winston Utomo, the Founder and CEO of IDN Media

Other than two strategies mentioned above, Winston also shared other strategies applied in his own company in order to sustain the business during and after the pandemic.

First, reduce expenses in several business units and relocate Timmy (this is how IDN Media team members are called) from one team having less demand to another one having higher demand.

Second, work with higher focus and speed to get through this crisis. Every Timmy must work extra aggressively while maintaining focus on fundamental aspects.

Third, the most important one, prioritize Timmy’s health and happiness during this pandemic.

Winston firmly mentioned, “People are always the most important asset in any company. In the end, employees that are happy and healthy, both mentally and physically, can contribute maximally and help the company achieve its vision: to give positive impacts to the society. People. People. People.”



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