Maintaining News Quality, Here Are 8 Fundamentals Media Companies Should Note

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To democratize information, access to quality information ultimately becomes an important factor that determines a country’s growth rate and level of development. People’s awareness to consume news is linked to a variety of socio-demographic characteristics and, specifically, individual behaviors. This is what makes producing news a vital measure.

Therefore, applying journalistic codes of conduct is not the only thing a media company should hold onto. Instead, promoting positive values is another substantial core to take care of. Winston Utomo, the Founder and CEO of IDN Media, said, “As one of media companies in Indonesia, there are 8 values ​​that IDN Media always keeps on striving for, every single day.”

1. Gender equality

Gender is basically a social construction. The concept results in the so-called gender role which depicts what thing that should or should not be done by what sex. Yes, it is the commonsense asserting that women should be the caretaker of the household, while men should be the backbone of the family’s financial state.

Over time, the differences in identity and role alienate a gender that is considered to be more inferior, which is female. This, unfortunately, also brings a backstop for women who want to voice their minds out. The grapple in gender equality has even existed since decades or even centuries ago, indeed, but it must be defended sustainably — it always needs to be upheld.

However, as time passes by, how women and men should behave is now considered to be irrelevant, as it doesn’t support their potential as individuals. Winston stated, “It’s of paramount importance to secure equal access to everything for both women and men, especially in the workplace. 58% of Timmys at IDN Media are female and 42% are male. The statistic happens naturally without any trying. That is, we only see Timmys’ capabilities, not what their gender is.”

2. Unity in racial and ethnic differences

Race and ethnicity are often used interchangeably, but they’re defined as separate things technically. Race is a combination of physical and cultural attributes, while ethnicity is more on the basis of language and shared culture. As one of the parameters describing human diversity, race and ethnicity are also prone to causing a jolt for the complex human civilization.

It’s why an open trait that involves mutual respect becomes a very substantial thing to nurture harmony. It should be conceived that whatever backgrounds stand behind us, we are still humans who want to be respected, included, and, most importantly, treated just as humans with dignity.

3. Unity in religious differences

The varied personal beliefs which are manifested in religions certainly result in people’s different points of view — how people see the universe and define the meaning of life. As beliefs are something very sensitive and so entrenched in personal opinion, tolerance undoubtedly plays an important role here.

Simply put, tolerance takes form in sympathy or indulgence for beliefs or practices differing from one’s own. In its implementation, the English phrase “agree to disagree” can be one of the ways out. The phrase refers to a situation in which two people agree to differ — they accept that they have different opinions about something and stop arguing about it because both parties realize that the conflict is unnecessary and even ineffective and inefficient.

4. Unity in different views of the world

The worldview concept usually refers to an interpretation of reality that provides an overarching portrayal of how the universe exists. Various values, norms, and religions are some examples of worldviews that contain different pictures of the world. However, these differences shouldn’t cause any serious concern in the society because, “As we know, different perspectives enrich our points of view,” said Winston.

5. Anti-sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is any sexual activity that is carried out verbally or physically by one or more people to another party, without consent which results in feelings of being threatened, even hurt. The impact of sexual harassment can of course be traumatic for a person so that it can affect their physical and psychological health.

This action can happen anywhere, anytime, and by anyone. Therefore, IDN Media is committed to eliminating news that has the potential to make someone feel harassed or cornered, especially those who have become victims of sexual harassment. With this, IDN Media invites the public to embrace victims of sexual harassment so that a safe space can be created — not victim-blaming.


Bullying or bullying still often happens around us, both verbally and non-verbally. With easy internet access in this technological era, bullying can even be done online. As we know, this act of bullying can cause victims to suffer physically and psychologically— from self-confidence crisis to suicidal thoughts.

Therefore, the cultivation of anti-bullying values ​​needs to start early. Children need to be introduced in various ways to respect others so that they will grow as mature and wise individuals. Thriving to carry the value, Winston stated, “That is why an inclusive attitude is what IDN Media puts first. Everyone who is part of IDN Media must feel welcomed, appreciated.”

7. Anti-stereotyping

A stereotype is a label attached to a certain group that is often not in accordance with the existing reality. Therefore, stereotypes often lead to prejudice and discrimination against other groups. No wonder stereotypes can limit our perspective on something, although each person has a unique way of life and way of thinking that we must respect. Never let it limit us! There are things we should understand more deeply!

8. Redefining beauty

Let’s be honest: we are familiar with the standard of beauty. In Indonesia, for example, being slim, having straight hair, fair skin, are the criteria that women should fulfill to look pretty. However, in fact, these standards are often unrealistic and they also erode the self-confidence of those who don’t meet these social standards.

IDN Media believes that humans are so diverse and that the word “beautiful” cannot be attached to certain criteria alone. Beauty has different standards from one person to another. Understanding this, no one will have to compete, trying to achieve a certain beauty standard. Instead, women will focus on continuing to grow in a more positive way.

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