CEO IDN Media, Winston Utomo: Becoming a One-Stop Content Platform

Every company does want to provide the best experience for consumers. The experience undergone by a consumer will affect his or her decision either to stay with the same brand or switch to another one. The same thing happens in the content and media industry, too.

Therefore, IDN Media not only wants to be a news platform, but also a one-stop content platform, where users can consume various types of content on the same platform. Winston Utomo, the Founder and CEO of IDN Media, shared his perspectives on why IDN Media got to be a one-stop content platform for Millennials and Gen Z in Indonesia through its latest product: IDN App.

  1. The reason why a one-stop content platform is substantial

Before discussing what one-stop content platform is more deeply, the first thing to know is why the idea of making a one-stop content platform itself decent. IDN Media, for example, previously conducted some observations related to the behavior of millennials and gen z who were active digitally.

In fact, these generations projected to compose the majority of Indonesia’s population in the next 20 years are known to be open as well as enthusiastic to discuss an issue, both on their own social networks or online discussion forums.

Departing from this fact, IDN Media, then, decided to create a forum intending to ease access to quality information as well as to conduct discussions.

“The more information we get, the higher our chances of getting inaccurate information. Through verified content on IDN App, hoaxes can be avoided. With the Question and Answer feature on IDN App, we also provide a forum for the audiences to discuss a certain issue in a more intense way,” Winston explained.

IDN App also utilizes the technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to present content based on the users’ interests and needs. This is expected to provide a more enjoyable reading experience for them.

2. Then, what is a one-stop content platform?

Simply put, a one-stop content platform means a platform providing various content with various topics. Winston confirmed, “It’s where users can consume whatever kinds of content they want on the platform. News, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, e-sports, travel, parenting, sports, gaming, food, and many more. There’s no need to go anywhere else since by installing the IDN App, users can consume all that content without having to open another platform. Everything’s been there.”

3. Contributing to the next generation of Indonesia

Being a one-stop content platform enables users to easily access various information and issues. However, implementing it surely brings some uphill challenges.

Winston delivered, “It takes time to educate and raise awareness about the effectiveness and efficiency of a one-stop content platform like IDN App. The technological aspects, as well as other supporting infrastructures, must always be improved so that the app can be easily and quickly accessed from just any regions in Indonesia.”

However, despite the challenges, IDN Media remains focused on democratizing information for millennials and gen z across Indonesia. This hopefully will revolutionize the way how Indonesians think, especially when reacting towards any issues occurring in Indonesia.

In addition, by continuing to develop IDN App as a one-stop content platform, IDN Media is confident that it can contribute to making Indonesia a high-income country in 2045, when the country commemorates its 100th anniversary.

To write is to figure a life out

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Amelia Rosary Dewi

Amelia Rosary Dewi

To write is to figure a life out

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